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Monday, October 11, 2010

Healing the Corporate World - an interview with Maria Gamb

Today I have the great pleasure of being the host on the Virtual Blog Tour for Healing the Corporate World by author Maria Gamb.

Written by former Fortune 500 executive, Maria Gamb, who spent more than 20 years trailblazing businesses valued at upwards of $100 million, Healing the Corporate World is a cutting-edge book examining the deep, and usually unspoken, ailment of the modern corporate world, offering solutions for healing at a personal, financial and even spiritual level. By showing the reader "the four cycles of transformational leadership", Maria provides business leaders, from solo entrepreneurs to corporate senior executives, practical answers on how to transform their organizations from the inside out, and become "Change Agents", consciously creating their own reality.

For today’s stop on the tour, I decided to ask Maria some questions about how to achieve success in today's world.

* * * * *

Don: How do you blaze a new path no matter where you are in your life at present?

Maria: Opportunities are in every situation or scenario you may be experiencing. Often, individuals will say “there’s no opportunity here, where I am.” That may feel true, but in that discontent there is the ability to make a different choice. Usually this means doing something new or different either where you are or somewhere else. It also means a shift to their perception.

Blazing a new path is indeed bringing something new, different and expansive into the world in whatever capacity your gifts and talents lay. The reason people may not do so is simply because they are afraid. They are afraid to be different than those around them, they are afraid others will judge them for wanting to be, do or have more or they are afraid they will fail. Equally challenging, is the fear they actually may succeed and those around them will no longer want any part of them because they’re perceived as “snooty”.

Wherever you are right now, make the decision to fully commit to it. That means no excuses. However, do it by using the tools I discuss in the book that create a sustainable business; be open to innovation and creation, build a high functioning team with shared values by knowing your own, be someone who decides to pioneer a new idea or cause and using both value and values in all that you do. These are foundational tools.

If you want to blaze a new path you will want to get people behind you and following you. Work from your highest self and they will do this more easily and naturally. This creates a movement, which changes your current situation. We all want to contribute to something bigger than ourselves. This ranks very high on the scale of creating happiness, fulfillment and a sense of purpose in their lives – personally and professionally.

Don: How do you create a mindset for success?

Maria: What you achieve is always completely in your control – success or less than that. However people at times get mired in some detour that distracts them from seeing what’s already in front of them or the drama of why they cannot get where they want to go.

Using the Grand Canyon to illustrate this point, you have two sides and a massive daunting canyon in between. On one side you could write: “You Are Here.” This is your present state. On the other side you can write: “Destination” along with what your goal or desire may be. Everyone’s definition of success is different, as it should be. In between these 2 points is that massive expanse. This is where it gets daunting. How does one cross from one side to the other? This is where the mindset to creating success comes in.

First, it’s about altering your perception of the expanse you see. How do you view it? Staggering and insurmountable with numerous obstacles and roadblocks? Or do you see it as infinite possibilities and an exciting new adventure?

How you view the situation, which is your belief, is the source point for how the situation will unfold. Your thoughts create your actions. Whatever you believe is what and how you will be in action in the world. This produces your result: successful or not.

Second, how you handle the challenges along the journey will offer you signals and clues to things like doubt, worry, fear and the specifics of each of them, which will tell you what you need to work through to accept the success in your life. So if you feel like a fraud, chances are that unless you resolve this conflict between what you believe and what you want, success, it will be difficult for you to gain traction to the goal.

Third, it’s simply said “consistent persistence” is the key. Do any good thing consistently and persistently and it will appear. That includes your success. But you’ve got to believe it’s possible!

Don: How do you honor your path, your purpose and your spiritual nature in today's world?

Maria: People often struggle to integrate all these aspects into their working environment. However, I think the misconception is that if you are a spiritual person and want to bring that into the world you have to make some formal statement. The most powerful way to share your spiritual path and purpose is by your actions not merely your words. This is the art of “being” that authentic person rather being someone others believe you should or ought to be.

Here’s the practical application – because it’s got to be something you can express in a very tangible way. Look at how you interact with others. What are your rules of engagement? What are the values by which you conduct yourself? This is not a moralistic question as much as it is about what you truly believe is valuable in the world. Values are based in 3 grounding principles – they are rooted in love - the care of others, compassion - the connection to others and acceptance - the engagement of others. Most people haven’t considered it this way, but it is so.

If you want to integrate this spiritual side of yourself use these 3 principles as your guiding force in how you operate in the world. By doing this you active your purpose even if you may not be aware of what it is. People are attracted to those who operate in this manner. Those that will be important to you fulfilling your purpose will come into your awareness. However, when a person stays in their ego-consciousness, which is wrought with fear, insecurity, lack and their manifestations (defiance, resistance, the need to be right etc) you will find it much harder to do so.

* * * * *

I hope you enjoyed this interview with Maria Gamb and that you’ll check out her new book Healing the Corporate World, which is available at Amazon TODAY - Tuesday October 12, 2010.

You can receive a complete library of beautiful personal development gifts when you buy the book TODAY (launch day), including one from me.

I decided to take part in this book launch because I believe finding a career, job or business that you love is critical to having a joyous and fulfilling life.

To find out how to buy Maria’s BOOK and receive these gifts, go to


As usual, please do feel free to share your comments and thoughts below. I love reading your feedback.


Don Giberson

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Friday, September 24, 2010

My Top 10 Books

As a Higher Consciousness Coach, I love discovering new books on consciousness and transformation.

What are your favorite books? Why are they favorites?

I was recently asked what books I would suggest on higher consciousness.

So below, in no particular order, are my Top 10 Books on Higher Consciousness and Transformation:

1. Barbara Marx Hubbard - Conscious Evolution. A classic and the book that sparked my interest in higher consciousness and transformation.
2. Gregg Braden - The Divine Matrix. One of my favorite books. Explains how we are all interconnected and how our thoughts and feelings can affect others.
3. David R. Hawkins - Transcending the Levels of Consciousness. A bit scholarly but provides a solid foundation for understanding the different levels of consciousness. His other books are also very good.
4. Michael Newton - Journey of Souls. Another favorite. Compelling evidence that we truly are spiritual beings and an excellent exploration of our soul journey.
5. Martha Beck - Steering By Starlight. I love Martha's books and this is one of my favorites. Offers practical suggestions for living a life guided by our inner wisdom.
6. Glenda Green - Love Without End...Jesus Speaks. Imagine spending months speaking with Jesus and asking him questions. Glenda did.
7. Ainslie McLeod - The Instruction: Living the Life Your Soul Intended. I loved this book so much I created a course (Soul-Centered Attraction) based on it.
8. Charlotte Sheldon - Quantum Leaps: 7 Skills for Workplace ReCreation. One of the best books I have read on quantum physics and how to apply what we are learning from this fascinating field in our life and work.
9. Schlitz, Vieten & Amorok - Living Deeply: The Art & Science of Transformation in Everyday Life. The title says it all. Based on a decade of research by the Institute of Noetic Sciences.
10. Wayne Dyer - There's a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem and Neale Donald Walsch - When Everything Changes, Change Everything. Two practical books for dealing with change and transformation.

And what are YOUR favorite books? Why?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It's Finally Here

I have been waiting for this ever since I first heard about it back in July.

Today is the official launch of E. Dee Conrad's book A New Dawn Awaits: The Times Ahead and How To Shift Consciousness.

Although many of you know me as a Master Law of Attraction Coach/Trainer, my real passion is raising consciousness - both individual and planetary consciousness.

Because a higher level of consciousness leads to greater peace, love, joy, health and prosperity.

So I have been eagerly awaiting this book.

If you purchase today you receive a wonderful collection of bonus gifts - one of which I gladly contributed to this important project.

To order your copy, please go to http://tinyurl.com/NewDawnAwaits

As I write this, E.Dee's book is #2 on Amazon - please order today and help us get it to #1.

You will also receive all the wonderful bonus gifts by ordering today.

Don't worry about not having time to download all the wonderful bonus gifts.

As long as you purchase the book today you will have access to the download page until the end of the month

Today also happens to be World Peace Day.

Although it was not planned, it is a perfect day for E. Dee's book to be shared with the world.

This book offers a much needed message of hope, compassion and possibility.

Please order your copy today at http://tinyurl.com/NewDawnAwaits


Don Giberson
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Monday, September 20, 2010

Learning To Walk

Have you ever watched a child learning to walk?

They struggle to their feet, take a wobbly step or two and fall down.

Then they get back up and try again.

Eventually they get their sense of balance and pretty soon you wish for the good ole days when they could just crawl.

Every one of us learned to walk the exact same way.

I have been having a "learning to walk" experience lately.

I recently started to use a new provider for my teleclasses.

It allows me to do a teleclass by phone with a simultaneous webcast over the internet.

It also allows me to use slides during my classes - which is great for visual learners.

But it is a new system for me - my steps have been wobbly and I have fallen a few times.

I did a presentation 5 Breakthrough Techniques For Achieving ANY Dream or Goal.

The first time I did the class the recording stopped just as I was getting to the best part - the big discount I was offering on my Ignite Your Dream Small Group Mentoring Program.

So I did the class again the next day - and this time the replay did not work.

If you read about this teleclass here on my blog and went to listen to the replay you found a message that said "This event is over."

My apologies for that.

So I am offering this class again - for one final time.

It will be Monday September 20th at 4:00 pm Eastern.

You don't need to register.

Just go to the link below and listen in:

If you miss it live, you can listen to the replay at the same link.

Feel free to pass this along to anyone who would like some help in achieving their dreams and goals - they will thank you for it.

So check it out - come see me walk!

And if you are in the process of doing something new for you - you may be having a similar experience.

Be kind and gentle with yourself.

Keep getting back up.

And pretty soon you will not only be walking - you will be running!


Don Giberson

Friday, September 17, 2010

5 Breakthrough Techniques For Achieving ANY Dream or Goal

I love helping people achieve their dreams and goals.

In fact my company motto is Making Your Dreams Come True.

So I am really excited about the free teleseminar I am doing today called
5 Breakthrough Techniques For Achieving ANY Dream or Goal.

You can follow the class on the phone or online.

You can learn more or register at the link below:

Please join me.

Come discover 5 Breakthrough Techniques For Achieving YOUR Dreams and Goals.

Do you know someone who is struggling to achieve their dreams and goals?

Please send them the link below and invite them to the free teleseminar.

I hope to meet you in the class.


Don Giberson
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